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Prepared by neutral extraction method. This elastin is insoluble in biological buffers.


This is the starting elastin used for the preparation of all chromophore-labeled and fluorophore-labeled substrates described herein.


Elastin E60 and ES60 is purified from bovine neck ligament (EPC No. B214) by the neutral extraction method of partrige et. al. (1). The method yields a product that is free from fat, muscle, collagen and connective tissue.


Assays of nitrogen, hodroxyproline and amino acids are used to monitor the purity during and after preparation. The final product is characterized by consistent chemical properties and optimum reactivity with elastase. It contains less than 0.01% insoluble residue after elastolysis.


    Elastin, No. E60,
  • Particle Size: 100 � 400 Mesh (149-37 Micron)


  • Elastin, ES60,
  • Particle Size: Pass 400 Mesh (Smaller than 37 Micron)