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Elastin-rhodamine is prepared from Elastin (EPC No. E60) by labeling covalently with rhodamine-B-isothiocyanate. The particle sizes passing a 400 mesh screen (smaller than 37 micron).


Soluble peptides absorb maximally at 550 nm.
Fluorescence should be determined using excitation of 550 nm and emission of 570 nm.


Particle size smaller than 37 micron may be used as substrate in the elastase diffusion plate. Preparation of the elastase diffusion plate with Elastin-Rhodamine can be found under Methods. EPC will prepare Elastin-Rhodamine elastase diffusion plates. The pricing and description for the plates is the same as Product No.A622 and A622B, except we will use Elastin-Rhodamine for the preparation. If you require more information call Elastin Products Company, Inc. at (573)437-2193.


This elastin is insoluble in biological buffers.


  • Elastin-Rhodamine, No. RS144, Particle size: Pass 400 Mesh (Smaller than 37 Micron)