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Isoamylphosphonyl-Glycyl-L-Proly-L-Alaine, dipotassium salt.


Prepared by the method of Galardy and Grobelny (26).


Purity is determined by thin layer chromatography and NMR. The purity is 95%.


A 1µM concentration completely inhibits 20 µM of collagenase from Clostridium histolyticum (Ki=20 µM).


The inhibitor can be coupled to aminohexyl-agarose by reaction with EDC to yield an affinity gel (28) suitable for purification of collagenase (27).


The inhibitor is hygroscopic and should be stored over desiccant.


Molecular Weight = 453.57
Exact Mass = 453
Molecular Formula = C15H26K2N3O6P


Molecular Composition = C 39.72% H 5.78% K 17.24% N 9.26% O 21.16% P 6.83%