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Prepared by the method of Starcher et al.(3) in which contaminating proteins are removed by mild extraction conditions. This method minimizes peptide bond cleavage.


The purity is based upon amino acid analyses and the percent insoluble residue that remains after digestion with porcine elastase.


Human skin elastin has been autoclaved at 25 psi for more than 60 minutes.


This elastin is insoluble in biological buffers.


All human tissue donors are screened for the following:
Basic serology Panel #1 RPR Syphilis Serology, ABO/RH Typing HIV-1/HIV2 Antibody Screen, Hepatitis B Surface antigen, Hepatitis B Core IgG/Igm Antibody, HTLV-1 Antibody. We accept only donors that are non reactive to all of the above screening.