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Elastin, No. E70 and ES70 are prepared by the method of Starcher et al. (3) wherein the bovine neck ligament is extracted with non-degradative reagents chosen specifically to minimize peptide bond cleavage.


In the method of preparation, finely divided ligament is extrated with saline-EDTA at pH 7.6, autoclaved, incubated with trypsin at pH 8.2, extracted with CNBr in formic acid and extracted with 6 M urea containing 2-Mercaptoethanol. (Washing with distilled water is required between each step. The final product is de-fatted and milled. This elastin is insoluble in biological buffers.


Elastin purified by this method was reported to be free of N-terminal amino acids. Our assay using a dansyl chloride method (4) indicates that the elastin is free of peptide bond cleavage. Additionally, only 0.005% insoluble residue remains after elastolysis.


    Elastin EPC No. E70,
  • Particle Size: 100-400 Mesh (149-37 Micron)


      Elastin EPC No. ES70,
    • Particle Size: Pass 400 Mesh (Smaller than 37 Micron)