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HS150, Human Skin Collagen


NO. HS150


Lot No. ____387____________


All human tissue donors are screened for the following:

Basic Serology Panel #1 RPR Syphilis Serology, ABO-Rh Typing HIV-1/HIV2 Antibody Screen, Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis B Core IgG/Igm Antibody Hepatitis C Virus Antibody, HTLV-I Antibody.  We accept only donors who are non-reactive to all of the above screening.  We have documentation on file.


Acid soluble from human skin.


MW = 1 million


Prepared with modification of Gallop, P.M and Seifter, S., Meth. Enzymol., 6, 635, (1963).  Salt-free, lyophilized.  Soluble in 0.01 M to 0.5 M HAc and acidic buffers;  maximum of 5 mg per ml.  Purity, approximately 95% by SDS-PAGE.