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ET947, Elastase

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SOURCE.  Porcine Pancreas



2X crystallized, lyophilized powder containing approximately 65% protein and 35% sodium carbonate.  MW=25,500.

Free of trypsin, chymotrypsin, other pancreatic enzymes and euglobins.  Store at 5°C.  Stable 2 years.

70-80 units per mg of powder on the substrate elastin-orcein.  The assay procedure is described the Methods. (Internet).  One unit will solubilize 1 mg of elastin in 20 minutes at pH 8.8 and 37°C (11).  Greater than 4 units per mg of protein on the substrate

Suc-(Al)3-pNA.  One unit will hydrolyze 1 ìmole per minute at pH 8.3 and 25°C.



Prepared from Elastase, No. ES438.

(11)  Sachar., L.A., Winter, K.K., Sicher, N. and Frankel, S., Proc. Soc. Exp. Med. Biol., 90, 323, (1955).


We hereby certify:

a)         The elastase is of animal origin only.

b)         The elastase was derived only from animals which were slaughtered in the United States in USDA inspected abattoirs where the animals were subjected to ante- and post mortem inspection and the animals were fit for human consumption or use in laboratory studies.

c)         The United States if free from foot and mouth disease and rinderpest.


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