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CB573, Elastin Peptide


No. CB573

Lot No. _____________



Purified from bovine neck ligament. (ox ligamentum nuchae) by proprietary hydrolysis method.  Generally, the ligament is manually freed of gross connective tissue, fat and muscle then pulverized.  The mulch is boiled in water to remove soluble proteins then boiled in alkali to remove resistant proteins.  The washed insoluble mulch is hydrolyzed and further purified by cellulose chromatography and lyophilized.

Elastin CB573 is highly soluble in water, buffers and detergents; greater than 200 mg/ml.  The molecular weight range by gel filtration chromatography is 1,000 to 60,000 indicating a mixture of peptides. About 60% pass a 3KDa MWCO hollow fiber at 6psi.  These peptides contain the cross-linked amino acids desmosine and isodesmosine, and the repeating peptide Val-Gly-Val-Ala-Pro-Gly.  Similarly prepared elastin peptides have been reported to stimulate migration of human skin fibroblasts, (Senior, J. Clin. Invest. vol. 70 p. 614, 1982).


ASSAY PARAMETERS                                            %

Elastin                                                                     95.00                                             

Salts (KCl, NaCl)                                                     4.30                                     

Fat (by extraction)                                                 0.02                                      

Collagen (by hydroxyproline)                              0.01

Moisture                                                                 0.20 

K-Sorbate                                                                0.25

Na-Benzoate                                                           0.25 (S = 100.03)

Nitrogen (Kjeldahl)                                                15.45

Desmosine 2.2 residues per 1000 residues

Isodesmosine 1.6 residues per 1000 residues


We hereby certify:

a)      The elastin is of animal origin only.

b)      The elastin was derived only from animals which were slaughtered in the United States in USDA inspected abattoirs where the animals were subjected to ante- and post mortem inspection and the animals were fit for human consumption or use in laboratory studies.

c)      The United States if free from foot and mouth disease and rinderpest.


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