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A663, Alpha Amylase


NO. A663

3X crystallized, porcine pancreas.


Lot No.___872____________________


mg Protein per ml ___47.9_______


_____47.9______________  mg protein per ml = Abs. @ 280 nm x 0.38


Units per mg of protein:  1950 units per mg of protein.


Units per mg of protein is determined by the method of Bernfeld, Advances in Enzymology 12:379 (1951).  In the method, the reducing groups liberated from soluble starch are determined after incubation at 25°C of 0.2 to 1.0 microgram of alpha amylase.

One unit of alpha amylase activity forms one micromole of reducing groups from soluble starch per minute at 25°C at pH 6.9.

Supplied as a suspension in 0.5 saturated NaCl pH 7.0 containing 3 mM CaCl2.

When stored at 5°C, Alpha Amylase, No. A663 will remain stable 6 to 9 months.


We hereby certify:

a)      The alpha amylase is of animal origin only.

b)      The alpha amylase was derived only from animals which were slaughtered in the United States in USDA inspected abattoirs where the animals were subjected to ante- and post mortem inspection and the animals were fit for human consumption or use in laboratory studies.

The United States if free from foot and mouth disease and rinderpest.